About Us

Women are amazing. We take care of our families. We work. We live and we get stuff done. And sometimes, we get lost. Lost in to-do lists, lost in carpool, lost in the everyday pressures of life. When we do, we need to take a breath. Take a breath and remember that we are amazing!

At Exclusivitees, representation matters. We represent women. We are African-American woman-created and run. We create products that celebrate, support and love women. Each product features a design inspired by Our Values: 

We Are Fun:  Fun is where you make it.  We actively look for ways to find enjoyment in everyday life, to enhance our lives as well as those around us.

We Are Feminine:  Femininity is beautiful, in all of its forms and regardless of definition.  We revel in our femininity as part of what makes us unique and similar.

We Are Fierce:  Occasionally, things are hard.  When they are, we don't quit.  We rest.  We regroup.  But we keep going ... slowly, sometimes scared but always fiercely forward.  

Our products are more than accessories — they’re reminders of our best selves. They represent us... to ourselves and to the world. Wear one and see yourself as you truly are, as you hope to be. Let them represent you, all of you... the fun, the feminine and the fierce.

For us it’s not just about selling things — it’s about uniting and inspiring women. It’s about creating and building a community that elevates, nurtures, and supports people through positivity, through sharing ideas, and through exploring what it means to be a modern woman, living authentically and fully.

And it doesn’t stop there. To further support our community, Exclusivitees donates a portion of proceeds to non-profits that empower women and girls. Exclusivitees was created to be a force for good and everything we do represents our commitment to support, celebrate and love women.

At Exclusivitees, representation matters.  How do you rep?

Exclusively Good. Exclusively You.