About Us

Women are amazing. We take care of our families. We work. We live and we get stuff done. And sometimes, we get lost. Lost in to-do lists, lost in carpool, lost in the everyday pressures of life. When we do, we need to take a breath. Take a breath and remember that we are amazing!


At Exclusivitees, we create limited-edition T-shirts with custom, unique graphic designs for women. Each product features a design inspired by affirmations:


And each shirt features Elle, our Exclusivitees icon. Elle is you. Elle is me. French for “she,” Elle represents all of us. Elle is every woman and Everywoman. Learn more about Elle.


Through each design, Elle takes us on an adventure. She shows what it means to be BEAUTIFUL, BRAVE, RESILIENT, and more. She shows us how we are those things, too. 


Our shirts are more than clothing—they’re reminders of our best selves. Put on one and see yourself as you truly are, as you hope to be. Let them remind you of your own goodness—because you are absolutely and unashamedly amazing.


For us it’s not just about selling T-shirts—it’s about uniting and inspiring women. It’s about creating and building a community that elevates, nurtures, and supports people through positivity, through sharing ideas, and through exploring what it means to be a modern woman.


And it doesn’t stop there. To further support our community, Exclusivitees donates a portion of all proceeds to non-profits that empower women and girls. See our Partners.


Exclusivitees was created to be a force for good. Join us and find your path to inspiration!

Exclusively. Good.