Our Founder


Picture of the African-American woman founder of Exclusivitees 

I’m Jan and I created Exclusivitees for a few simple reasons: I want clothing and accessories that better represent me and women like me.  I want products that express how I feel or want to feel… products that are fun, feminine and fierce.  

I know that women are amazing and I also know that sometimes, because of life, we forget our amazingness.

Enter Exclusivitees. 

Every product that I create for Exclusivitees represents my efforts to celebrate and support women. It’s my hope that you’ll find something that makes you feel more like yourself, your best self.  When I wear something that makes me feel good, I work a little harder, smile a little brighter and live a little happier; I’m more me!

There’s a saying… ‘clothing makes the man’. But, with Exclusivitees, women make the clothing.  We – you, me, us – we make the clothing because it represents us. It represents us when we need a laugh, when we need self-care and when we raise our voices to make the world better. 

At Exclusivitees, representation matters and this is how we rep.  How to you rep?

Exclusively Good. Exclusively You.